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In NSW, passengers have a range of vehicles and taxi services to choose from. Whether you are seeking a regular cab, a premium service or a maxi cab for group travel or for passengers in wheelchairs, NSW cabs cater for your needs.

When looking for a cab, use our ranks and take note of special ranks for major events or you might wish to multiple hire in peak periods to reduce the wait. Additionally, the NSW Taxi Service was the first taxi service in the country to introduce transport for people who travel in wheelchairs. Taxi from Sydney CBD cost about $10 to $15

Sydney Taxi Phone Website
ABC Radio Taxi Co-operative Ltd 13 25 22
ComCabs 13 34 22
Legion Cabs 13 14 51
Legion Maxi Cabs 13 14 51
Manly Warringah Cabs 13 16 68
Premier Cabs 13 10 17
Premier Cabs Airport Service
Premier Maxi Cabs 8868 4555
Silver Service 13 31 00
St George Cabs 13 21 66
South Western Radio Cabs 13 27 88
Taxis Combined Services 13 33 00
Uber Taxi

For more information please contact NSW Taxi